Our Story

 Our very very brief history so far…

Almost everyone craves a burger now and then, but too often I felt compelled to abstain. I’d complain to friends that I could rarely find a burger that didn’t make me feel heavy & bloated. Most agreed and eventually a good friend (sick of my whining) told me to put up or shut up. It was in that pub that the idea of Grill’d was born.

I decided that our restaurants would only use the finest freshest ingredients, have the friendliest staff and the most delicious, healthy burgers. After thousands of hours of hard work and heaps of help from friends & family we finally made it.

Thank you for your support. 



Simon at the launch of the first Grill’d restaurant

A great pic of Simon (looking very svelte shall we say) on the launch night of the first Grill’d restaurant at Hawthorn in 2004. Have to admire the ‘oh my god I did it!’ look on his face – we do!

Healthy Burgers / Healthy mind

One of our earliest mantras. You don’t fill a diesel car with unleaded fuel and expect it to run at its peak. We reckon the same goes for your brain. Nuture and nourish that big brain of yours with good healthy food.

I’m delicious

Sure, we may have upset a few of our non-meat eating mates with this little number. We still maintain the cow’s name was ‘Delicious’ – seriously.

'The Grill'd Collective'

Chris Whal’s ‘Hand Made’ illustration is part of our artistic commission program 'The Grill'd Collective' and captures the philosophy of Grill’d perfectly. It features a healthy , hand-made burger rising out of the rubble of mass-produced, artificial products. 'The Grill'd Collective' commissioned talented Australian illustrators to explore the world of Grill’d – the thought-provoking art is what decorates the walls of our restaurants, giving everyone that visits a pretty cool environment to enjoy and explore.

No Clowns mantra

Grill’d was born at a time when the burger category was ‘busted’ and no real variety was available. We gave people permission to shop this category again by providing them with a better option. Our burgers didn’t need to be promoted by clowns or by some guy with a secret herb and spices recipe. Good healthy burgers speak for themselves. When everyone else ‘zigs’ we ‘zag’.

Grill’d original mural

These illustrations were especially created for Grill'd and decorated the walls of many of our early restaurants. Not only did these drawings help communicate our irreverent and fun personality, but it also did well to disguise any holes or bad plastering...

Our Story

Most people love to know that the concept of Grill'd was born during a pub session! Another thing most people (including us) love too, is that after 8 years we still rock the same mission...to have great pub sessions with mates...oh...and to deliver awesome burgers.

We’ve been lucky enough to get some great reviews along the way which we are still incredibly proud of.

Veggie Orgy

Safe to say we like to be a bit cheeky here and there. It’s the ‘Grill’d’ way! Life’s too short to eat bad food and be too serious.