Be Good

Burgers done good

We're all about burgers done good. But more than that, we challenge ourselves, our staff, and our customers to be good, do good and feel good. Every day.

We’re proud to support Aussie farmers who care about what goes into your burger almost as much as we do. We source our free range beef, lamb and eggs, and RSPCA Approved chicken from Aussie farms with exceptional product quality and animal welfare standards.

And we make sure taste is our top priority. Real taste, real ingredients, from real farms, made with love.

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You are what you eat. And so is the thing you’re eating. Which is why we make sure all our cows and lambs are treated good, right here in Australia. And the chickens and pigs, well they’re RSPCA Approved. Which means someone cares about how much we care about what goes in your burger. Good one us.

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Some people don’t eat meat. That’s fine. We understand. It’s why it’s important that all our fruit and veg are done good too. Locally sourced produce that might make up your whole burger as part of our plant based, vegan patties, or it could be sitting alongside some meat. Either way, feel good about it being fresh.

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We use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, many of which are sourced locally from small, family producers. Want to know where your carrot is coming from?

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When describing our burger buns, words were suggested like artisan and hand crafted. We prefer good. No artificial ingredients or improvers. Just made the old fashioned way: fresh, daily, and with love. We also created The SuperBun: unapologetically tasty. Conveniently low carb. Be good and ask for it.

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Our burgers don’t come on trays, they come on plates. So we thought long and hard, for around 12 months, about what kind of plates these would be. The goods came from Robert Gordon, who designed our plates just for us. Or you, rather. This is how far we’ll go for burgers done good. Didn’t anyone tell you that customised ceramics make burgers taste better?

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