Nice To Meat You

Here at Grill’d we are healthily obsessed about the quality of our meat & where it comes from.

We use grass fed, free range beef & lamb which gives our patties a unique, natural & flavoursome taste. We use premium breeds and select the most tender, juicy cuts.

We are proud to use RSPCA Approved chicken from Aussie farms with exceptional product quality and animal welfare standards.

All our meat is free from added hormones.

0000 1 1 Beef Burger


100% Australian born and raised, free range, grass fed cows. Would be a worry if they weren’t, being in Australia and all.

Img 9141 640X385


Way good. 100% wagyu that's tender & full of flavour.

0002 1 2 Jumping Sheep


The lambs are free range and 100% Australian grass fed. It’s why the shepherds are so delighted: good lamb.

0005 1 3 Chicken2


100% RSPCA Approved chicken. Which means someone cares about how much we care about the chicken that goes in your burger. Good one, us.