Grill'd Healthy Burgers

Our Fresh Produce

Some people don’t eat meat. That’s fine. We understand. It’s why it’s important that all our fruit and veg are done good too, including our plant based, vegan patties.

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Our Avos

Packed with good fats and vitamins, but you already know this. So we’ll just tell you that all our avos are cut, scooped and mashed every morning in store. We call that freshness done good.

0004 2 3 Onions

Spanish Onions

Yes they have a long shelf life, but we still prefer the freshest onions available (the seasons change - nature). We get all our onions from local markets and cut them daily in store. Just ask the onion cutters. They’re probably in the kitchen wearing goggles. Tears happen. Tears of joy. For good burgers.

0007 2 4 Toms2


It’s true, our tomatoes are grown under a light. The massive big one in the sky. Our tomatoes are grow out in a paddock and come to us juicy, full flavoured and red. All sourced locally from farms and markets when the weather permits (sometimes it gets cold and we need to head north).

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We drizzle Mount Zero’s award winning, robust extra virgin olive oil over our Superpower Salad to add extra flavour.

All Mount Zero Olive Oil is cold pressed (at room temperature) just hours after harvest to maintain premium quality.

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Get excited about good things coming in threes. Potato. Sweet Potato. Zucchini. All cooked in the good oil, cholesterol free and high quality. Whether you like the famous original, or the sweeter or greener versions, they’re all seasoned to perfection and ready to eat. Quickly.

0006 1 4 Eggs1


Happy chook, tasty egg. All the eggs supplied to Grill’d are from 100% free range chickens. The RSPCA thought we were doing a good job, so they awarded us the ‘Good Egg’ award. Go us again.


Brie Cheese

We source our Brie cheese from a family run business with an obsession for all things cheese, based in the pristine Adelaide Hills. The velvety, smooth mouthfeel is thanks to the high quality milk sourced from cows that are fed on lush grass pastures in the South Australian countryside.

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Smoked Sea Salt

Our smoked sea salt adds a rich, smoky flavour to our new plant based and wagyu burgers.

Supplied by the Olsson family, these sea salt flakes are sourced from South Australia’s pristine Eyre Peninsula and smoked over native river red gum for 72 hours. The smoking results in a unique salt enhanced with the aromatic and complex characteristics of the Australian red gum wood. Amazing.