We're not chicken about getting the best

100% Australian grown, RSPCA Approved and more. Here are the reasons why our chicken farmers have the breast standards out there.


We partnered with our chicken farmers since 2010. Located in places like Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Southern Highlands and more, our farms are independently owned and operated. Their chicks are also 100% Australian-grown, for a top taste you can’t get anywhere else.
They’ve also been at this awhile – going back to the 1940s, in fact!


Spanning over four generations, we work our chicken mates because they specialise in fresh chicken. From constantly upgrading their hatcheries to a new live handling system, we trust these folks because they’ve taken the time to perfect the chickens; they’re so good they were the first to coin the term ‘fresh chicken’. Fun fact: they were also the first to introduce valued-added poultry to retail in the ‘90s, and now they’re industry specialist.


No nonsense, above-the-board standards. That’s what our suppliers are all about. Not only are their chickens fed a healthy grain diet, but they also have no added hormones and are 100% RSPCA Approved. This means chickens are raised to the RSPCA’s own higher animal welfare standards, encouraging birds to be active and giving them opportunities to perch, dustbathe, scratch and peck. Being RSPCA Approved also means our chicken farms are checked regularly by RSPCA Assessors who know and understand farm animal behaviour.

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