The perfect pickles start with a dream

Get the juice on how our pickle suppliers crafted the first all-Australian pickle!

Our juicy, crunchy all-Australian pickles are the stuff of legends. This is how it all came about.


Here’s a fun fact: our pickle suppliers, Joel and Calvin, started their business over beers in the backyard – now that’s something we can get behind.
'No one was making an all-Aussie pickle when we first started out,’ Calvin said. ‘At the time, pickling cucumbers weren't being grown en masse in Australia, so we decided to do it ourselves.’
Who knew? And it all it took was two mates to question why. So, what happened next, you ask?


After deciding to plant the perfect cucumber to pickle, Joel and Calvin soon realised they were in for a wild ride.
‘We had to work in collaboration with local farmers to find the right seed, plant it on Australian soil, and work on perfecting that product for our local conditions.’
From the right shade to sunlight, there were lots of things to consider; after all, it hadn’t been done before.
But they did it. The end result was the very first all-Australian pickle company: so, it made sense that we’d work with these legends for our burgers.


Joel went on to say: 'Even now, as more local companies have moved into the pickling space and overseas companies have begun using Aussie pickling cucumbers, it is still very rare to find an all-Australian pickle company – one that is run by Australians and uses all local produce, from the soil to the store.'

Run by Australians and completely made in Australian, our pickle-mates believed in doing things here first, and we give them props to that! So, the next time you bite into your Mustard & Pickle! or Bonfire BBQ, trust in that.

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