Terms and Conditions of Entry for the "Update Grill’d Newsletter Promotion"

Update Grill’d Newsletter Promotion


These terms and conditions govern the Grill’d Newsletter Promotion (Promotion). By registering and participating in the Promotion, you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions. In these terms and conditions, ‘Grill’d’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ means Grill’d Pty Ltd ABN 17 106 297 394 of Level 2, 4-10 Amsterdam Street, Richmond VIC 3121.


1. The Promotion will take place from 11am (EST) on Monday 13 August 2018 to 11.59 pm (AWST) on Sunday 02 September 2018 (Promotion Period)

2. The Promotion can be redeemed between 11am (EST) on Monday 13 August 2018 to 11.59 pm (AWST) on Sunday 02 September 20188

3. To participate in the Promotion, you must update your Grill'd Newsletter profile within the Promotional Period

4. To update your profile, you must successfully complete your profile with valid information. Including; First Name, Last Name, Postcode, Mobile Number and Date of Birth

5. Not valid if you already have a completed Grill’d Newsletter profile

 Receiving your burger promotion

6. By updating your Grill’d Newsletter profile, you will be eligible to receive one promotional offer during the Promotion Period in the form of a redeemable barcode, which we will sent via email to your registered email address

7. Each burger barcode will be redeemable for $5 off your next order, with any burger or salad (MIV) purchase, on the conditions set out below

8. Burger barcodes will be sent out instantly as you register for the promotion. To receive a burger barcode on any given day during the Promotion Period, you must have successfully updated your Grill’d Newsletter profile

Burger barcode conditions

9. Each burger barcode will entitle you to $5 off your next Grill’d purchase. This offer will apply to “dine-in” orders only.

10. Each Burger barcode can be redeemed during the Promotional Period and will expire after use (Expiry). Any burger barcode that is not redeemed before Expiry will be deactivated and will not be redeemable. Grill’d will not be required to compensate you if you do not redeem any burger barcode by the Expiry for any reason

11. To redeem your free burger, you must purchase any burger or salad (MIV) from Grill’d as identified on the menu and present your burger barcode for scanning at the register at the time of placing your order. If your burger barcode is unreadable for any reason, our friendly restaurant staff will do their best to work something out, but please understand if we can’t process the burger barcode on the spot and need to refer you to our support team to resolve the issue

12. Burger barcodes contain a single-use barcode that will be deactivated as soon as the burger barcode is redeemed in a Grill’d restaurant. Please take care to protect your burger barcodes and avoid distributing copies or screenshots, to prevent unauthorised use of the burger barcode

13. Burger barcodes cannot be redeemed with any other offer (including Grill’d employee offers). The $5 burger barcode must be redeemed in full and in a single transaction. No change or credit will be issued

Personal Information

14. By participating in the Promotion, you consent to Grill’d collecting and using your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy at: www.grilld.com.au/legal-information/privacy-policy

15. All information you provide (Personal Information) will be used by Grill’d for the purpose of conducting this Promotion and may be entered into the Grill’d database and may be used by Grill’d, its related entities, agencies engaged by Grill’d, or any other third party nominated by Grill’d, for Grill’d’s current and future promotional and marketing purposes

 16. Grill’d may disclose your Personal Information to its franchisees, contractors and agents to assist in conducting this Promotion and, as required, to Australian regulatory authorities


17. Grill’d may, in its absolute discretion, vary the terms and conditions of the Promotion by publishing any such variation on this website or by otherwise communicating the variation to participants in the Promotion

18. If we become aware at any time that you have breached these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to withdraw your registration and end your participation in the Promotion

19. For a full list of Grill’d restaurants, see here: www.grilld.com.au/locations

20. If you have any queries regarding this Promotion, please feel free to get in touch with us via https://www.grilld.com.au/feedback and a member of our support team will be in touch.