Golden Tickets for our Golden Customers

World SquareSydney
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Grill’d World Square has taken some time to update their do, and are now back better than ever!

To celebrate, the team at Grill’d World Square are giving away Golden Tickets to not 1 but 3 lucky guests who dine in on the day.    

Although the ticket may not be real gold, it’s worth a lot! The ticket is valued as a $50 Grill’d card which can be redeemed within a year from issue date. Or in the same week, we don’t judge.

But that’s not all. Anyone who buys a burg on the day and drops us their Business Card, will go in the running to win a $100, $50 or $30 Grill’d gift card.

So, if you needed any more incentive to eat a burger, head to World Square this Wednesday for your chance to win!