Grill'd arrives in the Northern Territory

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Grill’d Casuarina is now open, our first Northern Territory restaurant.

To train our new staff, and get the restaurant burger ready for the community of Casuarina, we sent a crack-squad of Grill'd operatives up to Darwin to get things organised. However, unbeknownst to the team, the opening of our Casuarina restaurant had been delayed. The Grill’d staff were now in Darwin, but with the restaurant yet to open, and no burgers to make, the team decided to partake in volunteering and team bonding exercises... 

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The sound of soft purrs, and booming barks echoed through the complex, The Grill’d Casuarina team were at PAWS Darwin, an animal welfare organisation dedicated to providing care for unwanted and stray animals with the ultimate goal of re-homing these animals with loving families. The Grill’d Casuarina team spent their day volunteering for PAWS and helping care for the animals.  

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Grill’d Casuarina is our 117th restaurant and we are now open serving the Darwin community Grill’d favourites like the 'Simon Says' and the Simply Grill’d