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We'll be working with the AIS to develop nutrition education to help active Australians understand how to refuel their bodies following exercise. 'Read more’ to find out about our sponsorship with AIS.

We're stoked to announce our four-year sponsorship of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). We've always led the way when it comes to nutrition transparency on our menu. Through the sponsorship of the AIS, we hope to take our nutrition education a step further and support people to make more informed decisions about their food choices.

To help spread the message about the importance of nutrition to health and performance, we're proud to announce our newest ambassador, mogul skier gold medallist Jakara Anthony, who happens to be a big fan of ours (her favourite burgers are our Simon Says and Simply Grill’d).

“As a long-time Grill’d fan I am very proud to be working with Grill’d as they announce their sponsorship of the AIS. Being an Australian athlete I have benefited from AIS support over my journey from a young aspiring athlete to an Olympic Gold medallist. I regularly go to my local Grill’d post-training sessions to refuel, so jumped at the chance to be involved in this initiative.”

And Jakara’s not the only one who'll be joining the team, with a range of other sports pros set to join as ambassadors for us in the future

We’re pumped to be an official sponsor of the AIS.

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