Mates who cheat together eat together

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With more and more diets, comes more and more cheat days. It’s becoming the norm. We like food. We’re only human and because: life.

We’ve all been there. The cheat day. And it’s always a good idea at the time. Then comes the aftermath, the food remorse and guilt. We know for a fact  that 1 in 2 Australians experience emotional hangovers post-cheat day and 4 in 5 wishing we could enjoy the cheat meal tastes without the guilt.

So with that information, from now on we’re saying, it’s not cheating if you’re just eating. And what you’re eating at Grill’d is local, fresh, and real. The foundation of an even better breed of burger is in our ingredients and our higher animal welfare through our partnership with the RSPCA.

With this good news, comes better news. Buy a burger from our Specialty range (Pork Belly, Wagyu, Organic Beef) and receive a FREE burger off the menu for your mate for two weeks only.

Simply sign up below and you will instantly receive your free burger voucher.

This is chEAT day. And it’s every day with Grill’d.

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