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Today, we’re taking the chance to appreciate all the good things that Mother Earth shares with us, and we’re taking the time to reflect on how we can do better for her.

We’re not claiming to be perfect, we’re a work in progress but we’re heading towards greener paths. Still, we're pretty proud of our environmental growth. Here’s a little insight into some of those stories.

Grill’d x Greenfleet

This year, we’ve partnered with one of the leading non-for-profit environmental organisations as part of our Tree-Day-Tuesday Initiative. With the help of Greenfleet, local communities, and our Relish members, we have committed to planting 10 biodiverse native forests by 2021, our first in Pearson Victoria. You can read more about it here.

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Recyclable Goods

Non-disposable is a no-go with us. We’re wrapping our way to sustainability with recyclable packaging and burger boxes. Oh, and the old plastic-straw has been non-existent in our restaurants since 2018. Sorry, not sorry.

Paddock to Plate

We’re serving our customers with an Australian first sourcing promise, which means we’re keeping it local, and we’re keeping our distribution footprint low. What’s better is that we work with passionate suppliers who are committed to sustainable farming practices: well nurtured animals love their well-nurtured soil - so do veggies.

Working on Green Energy

We’re keen to grill under greener energy, so we’ve shifted our power at our Malvern restaurant to 100% renewable resources. This is our starting effort to another quality step in the green direction.

Recycled Oil

We’re busy making sure our oil gets transported into biodiesel once we’re done with it. In the past 12 months, we’ve recycled 265,000 litres. That’s enough recycling to fill 50 spas. But with recycling we're not taking the relaxed approach.

Our hearts beat 100% natural, so it’s no surprise that our employees check ‘environmental impacts’ as the cause closest to them. We choose to act on issues affecting our planet. If you’d like to read more about our efforts, or want to help us on the journey, check out our Sustainability page.

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