Happy New Year!

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Seeya later 2016. In a final farewell to the year gone by, here’s a re-cap of all things Grill’d that happened in the past year.

  • We now have 125 restaurants!
  • The Northern Territory opened their first ever Grill’d restaurant in Casuarina. 
  • We launched our very first vegan burger, the Veggie Vitality.
  • We said g'day to the good schnitzel, available with an artisan, gluten free, crunchy black or golden crumb. Yum! 
  • Our awesome team are now rocking stylin' new uniforms. 

We’ve had a pretty damn good 2016 and we hope you have too. We reckon there’s no better way to start your year than with a delicious Grill’d burger.

So what are you waiting for?  

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