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Introducing a new hottie to our Healthy Fried Chicken range, HFC Hot Bites.

An All-Natural Hottie

Want to know a bit about our new HFC bites? We’re glad you asked. They’re just like our other HFC Bites: Gluten Free, 100% Natural, made with 100% Australian RSPCA Approved Chicken and cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The difference? We've kicked things up a notch by tossing these protein-rich morsels of goodness in our new signature hot sauce: the Hawthorn Hot Sauce.

Introducing the Hawthorn Hot Sauce

100% Natural. 100% Australian cayenne chillies. 100% hotter, naturally.

When it comes to everything we do, we don’t settle for second best, and our hot sauce is no exception. Perfected after years of recipe trials, the Hawthorn Hot Sauce is named after our founding first restaurant, which is infamous for catching fire a few years back. It’s safe to say that when we’re looking to release a hot range, the hot sauce needed to pay homage to where it all started. And from the ashes, we rise. The Hawthorn Hot Sauce uses Australian grown cayenne chillies sourced from Bundaberg, Queensland, where the humid climate makes it the perfect place for a signature flavour – a mild, sweet heat.

Didn't know we do Healthy Fried Chicken?

The rumours are true. Fried chicken can be healthy and tasty. Check out the facts and our OG range here.

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