How much sugar is too much?

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There’s so many health gurus out there educating people on the effects of refined sugar in the diet, including its effect on our physical and mental health, linking it to obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, anxiety, depression and more.

David Gillespie is someone who I look up to and is ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the negative health effects of sugar, and particularly the fructose component. He explains that “two hundred years ago the average American had the equivalent of 2 teaspoons per day (through the sources of honey and fruit), and today they are consuming more than 40 teaspoons a day.” Now Australia isn’t too far behind, and the crazy thing is, it’s not so much the sugar we add to recipes to sweeten them that’s causing this massive increase in our diets, it’s the sugar that’s snuck into processed foods to make it taste better! 

Sugar effects our health negatively in more ways than one; we already know that it causes havoc on our teeth, being the main cause of cavities. It also effects our liver, kidneys and pancreas.

On top of that, sugar’s linked to weight gain as it effects our appetite hormones, so we can’t tell when we’re full. Think about it, when you eat something full of sugar, you’ll often over indulge. Sugar’s also highly addictive so it will keep you wanting more!

Time for the good news - you get to control how much sugar you’re consuming.  Sure, it means you’ll have to shop savvy and be a bit of a detective, but that in itself is quite empowering. 

More great news, you can head into your local Grill’d knowing they’ve taken a stand against sugar.  All their burgers are low sugar and all their buns are free from refined sugar.   

I’m thrilled when I see Grill’d really listening to what their customers want and tailoring their menu to meet their customer needs. That’s why I love them! 

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