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Does your heart beat 100% natural?

This October, your vote will help support organisations that tackle environmental issues head on and lend a hand to protecting Australia's air, land and sea.

Meet the groups


Greenfleet plants legally protected native forests to capture carbon emissions and help fight the effects of climate change.

Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia buys and manages land, and partners with Aboriginal people, to protect Australian landscapes and native species.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

AMCS are the guardians and voice for marine life. They connect people, science and action to protect Australia’s extraordinary oceans.

A nationwide effort

Like any month, we’ll hand you a token in restaurant or an email for online orders. Use that token to vote. Whoever you choose, think of your vote like a mini first-bump for the planet. At the end of the month, we’ll count all the votes countrywide. It’s like a mini-election, but with no losers. We’ll then tally up the amount and divide over $70,000 amongst these three national organisations doing amazing work to help the planet.

More on Local Matters

Local Matters is our way of giving back to the communities who have given us so much. Now in its 10th year, this little idea has spread further than we ever thought possible, supporting over 30,000 groups near and far.

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Doing more for the planet

If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. We’re always pushing to do better by the environment, one burger at time. From sourcing local produce to getting rid of plastic-straws - check out the action we take to look after our planet.

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