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On Monday 15 April we’re taking a national meat break and letting you try our new meat-tasting, plant-based Beyond Burgers instead.

Yes, we still love our beef. No, we’re not turning our logo green.

We’ve noticed a shift in the way our guests are ordering. We’ve seen a 10% increase in orders for our plant-based burgers. We’ve listened to feedback, had insightful conversations and noticed this trend stretch further than our own restaurant doors.

Taking a day off meat is important for health, it’s important for the environment and it’s important to our guests.

And we dig it.

We’ve been committed to serving up healthy burgers and caring for our environment since the beginning.

So we’re taking meat off the table for one day, to let even our most committed of carnivores take a break and give our new Beyond Burgers a taste.

Because even carnivores deserve a day off.

We get it, meat-free isn’t for everyone. Meat will be back from tomorrow, along with our new-season menu and some delicious new burgs.

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