Meat free Monday. Why you should give it a go.

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Google meat free Monday and you’ll likely get a few websites boasting that, ‘One day can make the world of difference’- simple enough to understand, right? Clicking through you’ll soon learn the how's and the why's, leaving your screen filled with baby animal photos, people hugging herbs and photos of celebrities who might have been vegan…once.

We’ll save you the trouble and give you the straight up version of why you should give meat free Mondays a crack, with our Veggie/Vegan menu options, obviously. 

1. It’s one day. If you can’t refrain from one thing for one day – 24 hours, less if you sleep - then you have what society might call, an addiction. So either call a doc, because you have a serious issue, or toughen up. Be good, tell your friends about the good you’re doing, and so on.

2. It could make you feel different (in a good way). Cutting meat out of your diet for just one day a week may or not make a difference. If it does it could be good or it could be bad, but it’ll definitely be a learning curve.

Maybe you’ll feel less sluggish? Maybe you’ll actually feel more tired. Maybe you’ll up your intake of veggies and please your mum. Maybe you’ll save a couple of bucks. Maybe you’ll be introduced to the likes of The Garden Goodness, loved by Lola Berry herself, see: [Link to Lola insta post].

3. It will make a difference to the environment. The less meat you eat (even if it’s one less meat patty a week) can help minimise the environmental footprint you leave on the world. Fact. Today stockbreeding contributes to 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Another Fact.

The choice is yours. Meat free Monday today, saving the world tomorrow. Are you up for it?

Check out our veggie and vegan options.