Need a new way to Avo? Try chip.

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Our limited-release Avo Chips were here for a good time, but not a long time. Check out what's new on our menu.

The Smashed Avo; A Brief History

The fruit of choice for many a millennial has been smashed six ways from Sunday (yeah, it’s a fruit… who knew).

As the proclaimed mascot for food trends this decade, Smashed Avo has been instagrammed over 100,000 times, dressed with feta, balsamic dressing, poached eggs and various concoctions of grain and seed blends. It’s been punned, memed and even gone political.

With full respect to the OG Smashed Avo though, we felt like Australia could do with something new.

So we un-smashed it.

We’ve got no hipster jokes, no puns, just an original recipe Avo chip dressed in quinoa, turmeric and sea salt. It’s gluten friendly, made with real ingredients and no nasties. The new way to Avo.

They’re so delicious that we’d bet our non-existent home loan that you’ll love them. Don’t forget to dip it real good with Sweet Chilli Mayo for the full experience.

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