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​A new menu takes time and love. Truth. What else?

We made these burgers with real love, not chemicals or industry pie graphs. 

We made these burgers from ingredients that include plants, not those made in a plant.

We made these burgers with people who care about what goes into your stomach, because it’s what goes into theirs.

Made for people who know that mess is what happens when you eat.

Made for kids; the oldies; the fussy; the leaf lovers; the rigs; the racks.

Made knowing how different we’ve all been made.

By us. For you. With love. Because the secret to burgers done good is always love.

Or herbs. Sometimes it’s herbs...

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The Good Schnitzel

You are what you eat. And so is the thing you’re eating. We only use RSPCA Approved chicken because we give a schnit. No cages. No added hormones. No exceptions. These chicks were treated right- in a delicious golden or activated charcoal crumb. All of this really just means one thing: (schnitzel) burgers done good.

Click here to find out more about our RSPCA Approved chicken.

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Shepherd's Delight

Lamb burger at night, Shepherd’s Delight. That’s how the saying went, right? Whatever. You can eat them at any time you like. Why? 100% Australian grass fed, free range lamb. That’s why. Anything else? Crunchy pickle, fresh slaw, etc. Just burgers done good, really.

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Veggie Vitality Vegan Burger

For vegetarians & vegans, we’re meating you more than half way with the Veggie Vitality burger: a beetroot, sweet potato, spinach and quinoa patty, layered with avo, pineapple, carrot and cos lettuce – just coz. You can thank nutritionist Lola Berry for that one, plus a few more in the Loved by Lola menu edit.

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Super Sliders

When you need a burger, not a BURGER, but a little burger. Sliding into your mouth in four different varieties. There’s beef times two, one with aged cheddar. Chicken with Brie, and chicken with beetroot. Anyway you look at it four’s more than a party, and you’re invited. Bring a friend if you’re into sharing. Or not. The burgers don’t mind.

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