We know Specialty burgers. So we made some more.

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You’ve been good. So have we. It’s time for some new burgers.

Grill’d has always been about bringing you the freshest and healthiest burgers around. From the local farms we source our produce from, to our partnership with RSPCA, it’s all about giving you the even better breed of burger you deserve. And what you deserve now: new Specialty range burgers.

900Px Square 0012 Bar B Cow 1 Trad Img 2711

Introducing Bar-B-Cow. 

No smoke and mirrors when it comes to this new burger. Just smoky barbeque sauce. And organic Australian beef.

900Px Square 0008 Good Karma 1 Trad Img 2716

Good Karma. Good things happen when you eat this. Like more happiness, less hunger pains. 

From certified organic Australian farms. Grass fed. You know, special.

900Px Square 0004 Pork Pine 1 Trad Img 2615

Hello Pork & Pine. Pineapple naysayers welcome. AKA, we know what we’re doing. 

The pork is RSPCA Approved. The pineapple is Grill’d approved.

900Px Square 0000 Underbelly 1 Trad Img 2590

Meet Underbelly. A burger that needs to be locked up for life. In your belly. ASAP. 

It’s also RSPCA Approved and free range. It means someone cares as much as we do, about the food you eat.

They’ve all been added to the Grill’d Specialty range. Because: special.

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