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Meet our meat-free options for a garden-load of goodness every time you bite into your burger.

Plant Based 480x480 Chipotle Beyond

Go Beyond

Meaty plants are a thing, and their name is Beyond.

Free from soy, gluten and GMOs, Beyond patties are a plant-based meat tasting alternative. Made from pea, mung and fava beans and with good fats like cocoa butter and coconut oil, take your pick from our Beyond Burger options or swap out the protein in any burger on our menu to a Beyond pattie.


Plant Based 480x480 Garden Goodness

Got it from the garden

Our OG veggie pattie’s got the goods

When it comes to getting your serving of veg, look to our original veggie hero, the Garden Goodness burger. It’s got a bucket-load of sweet stuff in its pattie, from carrots, pumpkin and spinach to just name a few; it’s our go-to burger to keep us feeling #fresh.


Mite y Mushroom Trad 900x900px

Fresh from the field

Make room for our new mushroom burgers

Lovingly grown by farmers in South Australia, our mushrooms are delivered fresh and grilled to order. The Mite-y Mushroom gives you Sunday brunch vibes, packed with smashed avo, fresh basil and our own recipe mitey-mayo. Or take a walk on the spicy side with the Field Day, topped with jalapeños, zesty slaw and smokey chipotle mayo.


Plant Based 480x480 Vegan Cheese Burger

The burger that had a comeback

Our Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 is made with a pea-protein ‘beef’ pattie, vegan cheese and vegan mayo. Topped off with onion, pickle, Dijon mustard and tomato sauce, it’s a modern classic in the making, minus the beef.


Chips Share Plate 900x900px

Pimp your side

All our chips are 100% vegan (getting a dip? Choose our vegan-friendly Tomato Relish or Vegan mayo!)


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