Be a Polished Man

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This October we're partnering with Polished Man, a YGAP initiative, to end violence against children.

1 in 5 children experience violence before the age of 18. That's one too many.

Sign up to Polished Man today, tick the box that states “join the movement” and we'll shout you a free burger EVERY DAY between the 4th – 12th of October 2016.

It all starts with painting a fingernail. That nail leads to a conversation. That conversation inspires a donation. That donation allows for prevention and protection.

Doing good has never tasted so good.

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Polished Man challenges men to nail it to end it. Polished Man also encourages women around the world to rally behind the Polished Men in their life and celebrate positive masculinity by telling the world they prefer a Polished Man. 

Our free burger offer is open to polished men and women who have joined the movement. Women must have a significantly different coloured nail to redeem the free burger offer. 

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