Pondering Paleo - the best thing since activated nuts?

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Since old mate Pete Evans told the world about activated nuts, you’ve possibly contemplated going primal, read Paleo.

Because we like to keep things good and simple, we’re going to keep our explanation just that:

Paleo has been around for ages. It’s something our ancestors did. They were making the gamiest burgers going round, sans the bun. 

The Paleo diet consists of whole, unprocessed foods, leafy greens, pesticide free veggies and heaps of (activated) nuts. Grass fed meats and free-range poultry and wild caught fish are all the rage, while fruits are a sometimes thing. Except for avocadoes, you can eat plenty of them.

The movement is also big on movement; exercising heaps. Does cheersing a beer with your burger count?

Paleo people don’t like breads, sweets, vegetable oils, dairy, grains and legumes and alcohol and caffeine. All the fun stuff, really. 

But in all seriousness, going Paleo can be a good thing. Converts talk about having more energy, more clarity, and more stamina.

For us, it means more of the good bits between the bun: the fresh, juicy produce and meats.

Our menu is Paleo friendly, check it out here. Our Superpower Salad will satisfy your needs: with juicy, free range and RSPCA Approved chicken breast, avocado, beetroot, almonds, cherry tomatoes, cos lettuce, Spanish onion, carrot and mint. 

Meet you at the counter.

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