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Our Burger Vigilante, Virgil, is racking up screen time and leading the charge in our crusade for Righteous Burgers.

Of course, we’ve always been at war with the Goliaths of the burger world. Until now we’ve kept it civil, kept to our home turf. But the need for a Righteous Burger hero became too important for us to ignore.

So, let us introduce you to Virgil. He’s a guy who sticks up for what’s right in a burger world that’s gone so wrong. He’s joining us on our crusade to bring Righteous Burgers to more Australians and defeat the dodgy burger players once and for all.

Virgil is our alter ego. His fight is our fight. We enter the arena with an agenda, we’re all about sustainable, natural and healthy practices and Virgil is the one telling our story.

Are you ready to meet Virgil?

When we talk about sustainability, we lean on proof that in the past 12 months alone we’ve recycled over 660,000 litres of cooking oil to create biodiesel. We hold up our cardboard and paper sourced packaging, all of which is sourced from sustainable forests. We hero the 62 restaurants that have so far been converted to green power.

When we talk natural, we talk about our commitment to work with local farmers and suppliers to secure fresh, low-food-mile ingredients. We’ve spent thousands of hours making sure the bad stuff isn’t in our food so we can proudly declare that our burgers have no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives^ and are 100% Natural.

And when we talk healthy we open up our menu for scrutiny. We keep all ingredients up front, they’re fresh and made to order, when you order. It’s been our focus, our passion, our point of difference since the beginning.

But we don’t stop there. To us, healthy means more than just better burgers for you and the planet - like healthy minds and healthy communities. Through Local Matters we’ve supported over 30,000 local community groups since 2011, including 9,600 local sports teams, 4,400 educational services, 4,100 youth organisations and more.

Making burgers doesn't make us the same as fast food.

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*‘FREE Chips’ offer is exclusively available to qualifying Relish members only. New members must join Relish with referral code 'RIGHTEOUS' to qualify. ‘FREE Chips’ offer is available only in WA & QLD. o redeem, Relish members must scan their coupon barcode, found in either the Grill'd app or promotional email, at point of purchase.‘FREE Chip’ period is from Sunday 10 October 2021 to Sunday 30 October 2021. ‘FREE Chips’ Offer includes a choice of either Famous Grill’d Chips - Snack, Sweet Potato Chips – For One, or Zucchini Chips For One. Only one ‘FREE Chips’ coupon can be redeemed per Relish member. ‘FREE Chips’ coupon can be redeemed via dine-in, takeaway and phone-orders. Excludes online ordering, at-table ordering, Grill’d Delivery and third-party delivery platforms. 'FREE Chips’ coupon cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.

^Excludes bacon and Beyond patties

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