Socceroos Score. We'll fill your Cup

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As if you needed another reason to cheer on the Green and Gold.

We’re giving away drinks for every goal scored by our boys in Green and Gold. 

It's round of 16 or alpaca our bags and head home. 

As we turn our attention now to the Peruvians. And not for a Contiki tour. We are in need of a win. 

We're not interested in playing defensive anymore, so lets get it in the box, test the keeper, and give our mate VAR something else to look at. If the Aussies score against the South Americans, we’ll give you a free drink* to celebrate with. It’s just another reason to stay up late and cheer on our boys. Just sign up below.

No prob-llama.

You’re just a Jedinak spot kick away from a free beer. 

Come Play!

Entries are now closed. Click here to be the first to hear about our next competition.

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