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Our Cous, Cous & Chook Salad was here for a good time, but not a long time. Check out what's new on our menu.

Grilled chicken and butternut pumpkin partner up with a feast of pearl couscous, freekeh, raisins, barberries*, feta, Spanish onion, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil and lemon for one tasty take on eating lean.

It’s been a hot minute since we last had pumpkin on the menu (read: 7 years), and we thought it was time it made a comeback. Over two years in the making, this homemade recipe is one of our chef’s favourites, and soon to be yours.


Not all heroes wear capes… and not all salads have lettuce.

We’ve switched up our salad game, swapping out cos for couscous in this new recipe.

With experience cooking Middle Eastern cuisine, our chef Josh has been serving up his own version of the Cous, Cous & Chook to his family for years.

Packed with flavour, the Cous, Cous & Chook has a pearl couscous and freekeh base which does an important job of soaking up the zesty lemon dressing. We’ve added a little bit of sweet with raisins and barberries* before topping the lot with a few pieces of butternut pumpkin, grilled chicken breast, a scoop of whipped feta and a sprinkle of mint and coriander. Fresh and festive, the Cous, Cous & Chook will leave you feeling the good kind of full.


Get the lowdown on our original lineup of leafy greens.


*Yep, we didn’t know what these were either. Josh describes them as “sweet but tart, soft little berries, kind of like sultanas.”

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