Thank You Polished Men (and women)

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The free burgers may be finished for now, however our Local Matters program will continue to support the cause until the end of October.

Polished Men and women, YGAP CEO & Co-Founder Elliot Costello has a word of thanks for you. He also shares the one final step that will ensure we finish the campaign with a bang. Check it out.

Where the money goes

Australian Childhood Foundation

Child abuse, neglect and family violence robs children of their childhoods. The Australian Childhood Foundation works to help children devastated by the impacts of trauma from abuse and family violence. Help us to enable children to recover their childhoods by supporting us today.

Find out more about where the money goes from Dr Joe Tucci, CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation. 

Hagar Australia

Hagar restores the lives of children who have been trafficked, abused or exploited through our fundraising efforts in Australia. We provide long-term individualised care including a safe place to live, trauma counselling and legal support. We do whatever it takes to restore a broken life.


YGAP's mission is to help local entrepreneurs improve the lives of people living in poverty, which is one of the biggest predictors of violence against children. All ventures supported by YGAP aid in the prevention of violence against children by ensuring everyone can receive a quality education and live in a good home, free from violence.

Learn more about our Local Matters program

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