To carb or not to carb?

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​Things carbs are good for: running marathons, watching movies, and feeling full.

Things carbs are not good for: being a model (jokes), date food (sometimes), and sleeping.

The choice is often yours, to pasta or not to pasta; to give into the bread basket, or to restrain yourself quietly (and painfully.)

But what’s the difference between going low carb and going Paleo? Principles mainly. Paleo was built on a lifestyle led by our cavemen ancestors, hunting and gathering and eating what was available from the surrounding environment. Low Carb? That’s more of a modern take on things, thanks to Rachel from friends. Jennifer Anniston has been hailing the Atkins low carb diet for years – and she looks great, so that should make sense, right?

The gist of low carbs? Lower your carb intake. As it goes, if you eat more proteins, you’ll lower your appetite, and in turn eat fewer calories. For those of you hitting the gym regularly, fewer calories to burn means you’ll start burning through stored fat. 

And that equals weight loss.

And while it’s not that simple, it’s certainly a simple way to look at it.

When you’re low carbing you’re not just high protein-ing with lots of fatty fish, lots of eggs, green veggies, nuts and healthy fats, you’re avoiding sugar, grains, vegetable oils and trans fats (processed foods).

The veggies to avoid (those that are high in carbs) are carrots, turnips, potatoes and anything starchy. 

Speaking of low carb, have you heard of our Low Carb SuperBun? It’s for super models, super mums, and super fussy eaters. It’s made with good things like coconut oil, eggs, coconut cream and tapioca. With 2.3g of sugar and less than 22g of fat, it’s a low carb bun (actually) done good. Note: it’s flat, like your stomach will be.

Photo: @farmtoface

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