Introducing Relish

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A special place, for a very special burger eater like you.

We didn’t have enough words to say thank you for being such a faithful burger feaster... 

so we started a membership program, and we wanted you to help us build it. 

We’ll be revealing Relish to the world in April 2019, but in the meantime, we’ve got a dip load of benefits to offer early birds who sign up as Foundation Members.

Benefits begin now!



Birthday Banter 

Celebrate the way you really want to… by biting into a burger, not blowing out a candle. 

We’ll help you cheers to another year with a free drink on your birthday. 


Bump-ups & Bonuses

Expect the unexpected with impulse alerts for exclusive member-only benefits, like menu trials and freebies.

Your membership is your Grill’d-vantage! 


Surprise Shindigs 

Sorry to get all secret squirrel on you, but we’re keeping this part a surprise.

What we can tell you is that these events are unlike anything we’ve ever done before, stay tuned! 

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