• Local Matters

We’ve got thanks to pay... about 6 million dollars’ worth to be exact. Because you believed in a little idea we had way back in 2011, Local Matters lives on and it lives strong.

2011 was the year for happenings. LMFAO released Party Rock Anthem, The Bieb’s and Selena started dating, Eminem wasn’t almost 50...

And, we had our idea for Local Matters.

While not everything from in 2011 has lasted (RIP Jelena) we’re proud to say Local Matters has.

Before we turned Local Matters into a “thing” we were already putting our hand up to run burger BBQ’s at primary school fetes, sponsoring footy clubs and sharing vouchers for school raffles. At the time we just wanted to give back more to our community supporters and to get our favourite guests (you) in on it too.

Our founder, Simon, he’s the one who dreamed up the three canisters. He ordered a bucket load of tokens and from there, Local Matters was born.

What’s cool is that by burger-ing with us over the last ten years you’ve helped over 30,000 community groups across Australia. And to date over $6 million worth of Local Matters cheques (yes, real cheques – we kick it old school) have been cashed in.

See The Stats

But if you couldn’t give a stat about the numbers, we’ve got stories for you too.

$10,000 is how much was raised in 2011 by our Elsternwick restaurant for the Y-House Foundation after the team decided to donate $5 from every burger and salad sold over three days.

Pirate Day was a fundraiser held by the team at Point Cook in 2015 to raise money to rebuild the local pirate ship playground that had recently burnt down.

3000 burgers, is how many the Bendigo team prepared in 2018 to raise almost $60k over three days for the OTIS Foundation, Bendigo Health and Women in Sport.

And the stories continue...

Every token, every vote, every dollar supports community groups near and far keep doing what they love. So here’s to the next ten years and beyond.

Do you have a Local Matters memory? We’d love to hear it.