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The team at Grill’d Parramatta Church Street partnered with Meals Plus to create tasty meals for those in need.

Meals Plus are an awesome organisation who provide meals for those in need. Every Monday to Friday, Meal Plus offer breakfast and lunch in the heart of Parramatta. And all community members are welcome to devour a nutritious meal at the affordable price of $1- $3. The team at Meals Plus also provide access to a shower, a laundry, counsellors and financial advisers during lunch time.  

This May, the team at Grill’d Parramatta teamed up with Meals Plus and their Community Outreach Program through the Local Matters program. This month also saw the group featured on the jars, where they took out 1st place and were given a donation of $300. 

Every Wednesday during May, the Grill’d Parramatta team members made their way down to the kitchen at Meals Plus, where they helped prep, cook, serve and clean during breakfast service. This was also an awesome opportunity for our team members to learn a little bit more about people in their local community. On the final Wednesday of the month, Grill’d Parramatta also sponsored a barbeque at Meals Plus which allowed all attendees to eat for free.

If you’d like to lend a helping hand to like-minded groups, make your way down to your local Grill’d and pop your token in their Local Matters jar. 

Click here for more info on Local Matters.

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