Why the team at Grill’d Carousel think a full head of hair is overrated.

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Through Local Matters, Grill’d Carousel worked closely with the Leukaemia Foundation and the Blood Organisation to raise awareness for Jake, a 12 year old suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

Back in May Grill’d Carousel was an abundance of mismatched colour. The timber panelling was laced with a light blue banner, while red and orange balloons hung neatly on the chairs surrounding the exterior of the restaurant. Out the front, three Grill’d employees were sat in bright orange capes with razors pressed against their hairline. 

A crowd of people were outside the restaurant with the purpose of raising money for Jake’s Quest for a Cure. The Leukaemia Foundation aims to support the research of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) and is helping find a bone marrow match for twelve year old boy, Jake. 

CML is a rare form of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow, which causes an increase of white blood cells. The result of this disease can cause bleeding, bruising and an inability to fight off infection. In Australia, around 330 people are diagnosed with CML annually. 

Grill’d Carousel partnered with the Blood Organisation and the Leukaemia Foundation in order to host a World’s Greatest Shave event. Three Grill’d employees from across WA volunteered to shave their heads in an effort to support and raise money for those suffering with leukaemia. Jake was even given the power to shave the head of Carousel’s assistant restaurant manager, Jessica. Meanwhile, kids surrounded a white table, ready to get their hair sprayed or their face painted in exchange for a gold coin donation. 

The event ran from 11am - 3pm and had over 100 people in attendance, including Jake’s family and friends. The day was a huge success, and was able to raise $2,500 for Jake’s Quest for a Cure. Additionally Jake's Quest for a Cure participated in the Local Matters program for the month of May. The jar was emptied a record breaking five times and was successful in winning the first prize of $300. The Foundation described the day as ‘awesome’, with the contribution allowing them to increase their resources to raise awareness for CML and other forms of Leukaemia. 

We hope to shave our heads again soon and continue to support those battling with Leukaemia. 

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