Staff at Grill’d Elsternwick Play Santa’s Elves for a Day

  • Local Matters

Through Local Matters, Grill’d Elsternwick worked closely with Impact for Women to ensure kids living in refuge of domestic violence still receive presents from Santa.

A silent epidemic is plaguing the lives of Australian women. A looming shadow and the creak of a floorboard has the power to send victims of domestic abuse into extreme fear. Unfortunately, this peril is the reality of so many, with one in three Australian women experiencing physical abuse and one in four children witnessing abuse at home. 

Impact for Women is an initiative founded in 2006 by Kathy Kaplan and aims to make a difference for those living in crisis accommodation and fleeing extreme violence in Victoria. This is done by providing victims with items that most would take for granted, such as clothing.

This not-for-profit organisation raises money for a number of programs including the Christmas Angel project. This program provides Christmas gifts to children who are living in refuge from domestic violence.  Grill’d Elsternwick were lucky enough to participate in this program through a relationship facilitated by Local Matters, taking part and taking out the $300. 

In December of 2015 eight Grill’d Elsternwick employees put on their red Santa hats and formed an assembly line for a ‘wrap-a-thon’. Bundling and wrapping presents for children who wouldn’t otherwise have received them. Jennifer, the restaurant manager described the day as a “very fulfilling and rewarding experience”.

Impact for Women has since stated that helping Santa provide Christmas gifts to kids is one of their greatest achievements in the last twelve months. As the year begins to wind up once again, we can foresee more Santa hats in our future. 

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