Hosting a birthday party has never felt so good

Harbour TownGold CoastQueensland
  • Local Matters

Grill’d Harbour Town was filled with red balloons and the aroma of birthday cake.

 A group of six were huddled on one of the outside tables, as the soft hum of ‘happy birthday’ drifted through the air. Roman was celebrating his 14th birthday at Grill’d thanks to Childs Vision

Childs Vision is an organisation that specialises in helping children with terminal or long term illnesses. The organisation offers financial and entertainment support to these children and their families to offer a helping hand and to make their lives just that little bit easier. 

Childs Vision became involved with Roman following the passing of his sister Kayla, who like him was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Childs Vision, since then has offered immense support to the family in an effort to help them deal with grief. 

Saturday the 20th of February saw the birthday of Roman, and Childs Vision facilitated a remarkable day to help him celebrate. This celebration finished at Grill’d Harbour Town, which opened its doors and held a birthday feast for him and his close friends and family. The staff at Grill’d Harbour Town, additionally organised a Nike backpack and soccer ball as a present as well as a birthday card signed by the entire Grill’d Harbour Town team. 

The relationship forged between Childs Vision and Grill’d Harbour Town is all thanks to the Local Matters. Childs Vision participated in the initiative throughout the month of February and were lucky enough to win first place and a donation of $300. The team at Grill’d Harbour Town are looking forward to getting involved with Childs Vision again in the future.  

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