Eat a burger, meet a puppy. The two for one deal no one expected

Rundle StSouth AustraliaAdelaide
  • Local Matters

Through Local Matters, Grill’d Rundle Street worked closely with Animal Rescue Relief and were fortunate enough to meet a friendly puppy named Izzie.

Grill’d Rundle Street was filled with its usual aroma of tantalising burgers and the laughter of guests. The dimly lit restaurant was buzzing with zealous excitement and chatter, disjointed with the interruption of a soft yelp as Izzie, a black rescue puppy was greeting Rundle Street burger lovers with quaint affection. 

Izzie was fortunately rescued by Animal Rescue Relief (ARR). This foundation aims to help South Australian animal rescue groups through fundraising and awareness campaigns. The group supports eight animal rescue groups and in doing so, these groups are able to focus on rehabilitating and re-homing the animals. 

Unfortunately, homeless animals outnumber homeless people five to one with many animals who are collected by shelters being euthanised due to a lack of resources and overpopulation. 

Grill’d Rundle Street partnered with Animal Rescue Relief during March of 2016 when the group participated in our Local Matters program. On March 17 a pretty special day was had, when six members of Animal Rescue Relief, including Izzie the dog, came in for dinner. It was during this time that the Animal Rescue Relief team were able to let our staff and customers know about their work. Through this, ARR were able to emphasise how vital a token in their jar would be. As a result, the group won the first place prize of $300 and have since expressed how much they appreciated the support. 

Who wouldn't be stoked with the opportunity to meet a pupper like Izzie?

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