End the Battery Cage

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We're partnering with the RSPCA to end the battery cage and we want you to join the movement.

We’ve been using free range eggs since day one (2004) so let’s drive change to get hens out of battery cages. 

Right now in Australia there still are more than 11 million hens confined to battery cages, nearly 70% of the total number of hens in the country. It's not good enough.

Sign the petition below and go into the draw to win dinner and an overnight stay at Australia’s best restaurant, Brae.

Brae utilises produce from the surrounding land and local farmers to showcase a unique, contemporary cuisine built around an immense respect for nature and seasonality. 

Organic principles are employed to produce seasonal vegetables and chickens supply free range eggs. Brae's food philosophy is one we can definitely get around. 

Entries are now closed. Click here to be the first to hear about our next competition.

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