Grill'd and MAYEIGHT!! The date to catch up with a mate

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It’s hard to open up, to express pain and unfortunately, the feeling of isolation and loneliness is a leading cause in depression. Right now, 75% of all suicides in Australia are those of men, and hanging out with a mate has the power to significantly improve this.

The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to taking action. Since 2003, they have been lending a helping hand to those experiencing prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression. This is done through their strong commitment to helping men live happier and healthier lives. 

This year the Movember Foundation established a new men’s health initiative, MAYEIGHT!! The campaign is all about getting mates together, sparking conversation and offering support. To continue our partnership with Movember, we were super proud to take part in this initiative offering a two for one burger deal to anyone who came into any Grill’d restaurant nationally and said ‘MAYEIGHT!!’ 

The day was a huge success with thousands of men and woman enjoying a delicious burger with their mates at their local Grill’d. For the fifth year running our incredible partnership with Movember was a true reflection of how much we at Grill’d care about our local communities and the people in them and we can’t wait to be involved in more partnerships just like this one.

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