Low Carb

All about that supermodel body? But all about eating, too?

We made The SuperBun. It’s got all the taste, minus the carbs.

Why have sushi when you can have a burger instead?

Even if it’s a little flat, you can now feel good with a burger between your hands.

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Make your burger low carb (LC) on a Low Carb SuperBun. 

Our Low Carb SuperBun is made from all natural quality ingredients: free range whole eggs, almond meal, coconut cream, tapioca flour, psyllium husk, honey and salt.
It's Gluten, Grain & Dairy Free.
Contains nuts & eggs.


All our burgers (excluding Veggie) are low carb when served on a Low Carb SuperBun. This means they have less than 10% carbs when served on a SuperBun.  These burgers are highlighted in green below.    

In fact, all our burgers (excluding Veggie) on a SuperBun, have less carbs than a single sushi roll!* (An average sushi roll contains 25g carbs). These burgers are highlighted in red below. 

Beef Burgers Serving Size (g) % Carbs Avg Carbs (g) Per Serve
Simply Grill'd 261g 6.1% 15.8g
Crispy Bacon & Cheese 290g 5.6% 16.3g
Mighty Melbourne / Mighty Benders / Almighty / Top Territory / Big Queenslander / Mighty Crow-Eater / Wild Wild West 371g 5.5% 20.5g
Nourish & Flourish 311g 4.1% 12.9g
Summer Sunset 330g 6.1% 20.2g
Mustard & Pickled! 282g 5.4% 15.2g
Chilli Addict 308g 4.3% 13.3g
Wagyu Burgers Serving Size (g) % Carbs Avg Carbs (g) Per Serve
Wagyu Wunder 261g 4.9% 12.9g
Sir Truffle 240g 3.2% 7.6g
Bonfire BBQ 325g 5.2% 16.9g
Lamb Burgers Serving Size (g) % Carbs Avg Carbs (g) Per Serve
'Baa Baa' Burger 293g 5.5% 16.2g
Chicken Burgers Serving Size (g) % Carbs Avg Carbs (g) Per Serve
Sweet Chilli Chicken 306g 6.2% 18.9g
Zen Hen 282g 5.8% 16.4g
'Simon Says' 274g 5.1% 14.0g
HotBird 287g 3.8% 10.9g
Bird & Brie 267g 6.8% 18.2g
Caesar's Palace 275g 3.3% 9.0g
Veggie Burgers Serving Size (g) % Carbs Avg Carbs (g) Per Serve
Garden Goodness 329g 8.3% 27.2g
Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 313g 6.9% 21.5g
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which of your menu items are low carb?
  • Is there sugar or preservatives in your Low Carb SuperBun?
  • The Low Carb SuperBun is low in carbs but higher in fat. Is it still healthy?

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