Grill'd Healthy Burgers

11 steps to own a Grill'd

11 steps to owning a Grill'd franchise.

Step 1. Read up

Learn about Grill’d by contacting us for our Franchise Partner Info Pack for an overview on becoming a Franchise Partner.

Step 2. Register

Register your initial interest within the own a Grill’d page on this website. Please include your contact details and tell us a bit about yourself under the comments section. We will then contact you by phone and have a general discussion. If we’re both comfortable to proceed after this discussion, we will issue an Information Request for you to complete.

Step 3. Apply

Complete the Information Request. After we receive your completed Information Request, we will review it and if you meet our criteria, we will arrange a suitable time for a first meeting.

Step 4. First Meeting

This is where we can get to know each other face-to-face (or at the very least, over Skype!). We’ll introduce Grill’d and discuss the franchising opportunity in more detail. We’ll review the completed Information Request together and address any questions you may have. You will be required to bring along a signed Confidentiality Agreement to this meeting in order to receive some further information on Grill’d.

Step 5. Financial Information

We will provide you with a Grill’d Financial Information pack for you to consider. If both parties still want to proceed, we will arrange a suitable time for a final interview.

Step 6. Second meeting

This meeting brings Operations, Finance, Property and Human Resources specialists into one room. We can have a more detailed discussion about yourself and your suitability to become a Grill’d franchisee and answer any questions that you may have.

Step 7. Legal Documents and Homework

You will need several weeks to review the legal documentation and to receive independent advice.

Step 8. Third meeting with Simon

This meeting will give you an insight into the future of Grill’d. You can also discuss the financial information further, should you have more questions.

Step 9. Due Diligence and Sign Up

You will also have the opportunity at this point to meet with current franchise partners to get a sense of what the day to day working at Grill’d is like. Discussion on sites and what is coming up. This is it! Franchise documentation is signed and you will be required to pay either a portion of the Franchise Fee or the full amount, depending on availability of an appropriate site.

Step 10. Get Ready

Preparations begin to have you up and running in the agreed site i.e. equipment and store fit-out, training, etc.

Step 11. Go and Keep Going

Restaurant opening & further 2 weeks of training provided. Ongoing support to help optimise store performance and get those burgers grilling.
The application process should take around 8-12 weeks. Timing of the entire process will of course be dependent on site availability but can take from 8-12 weeks to 6+ months