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FAQs - Relish

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What is Relish?
  • Q. What are the benefits of joining Relish?
  • Q. How long do I have to redeem my birthday reward?
  • Q. What am I donating?
  • Q. Who am I donating to?
  • Q. If I purchase 8 burgers in one visit, do I get the opportunity to take or donate?
  • Q. Is 8 and Donate only for burgers, or do salads count?
  • Q. Can I scan my membership after the transaction is processed/for past orders?
  • Q. How long is an '8 or Donate' voucher valid for when a member chooses to 'take'?
  • Q. Will I get communications from Relish if I sign up?
  • Q. Can I opt out of communications from Relish?
  • Q. Can I still be a member if I opt-out of Relish communications?
  • Q. How often will I be contacted by Relish?
  • Q. How do I use my membership/earn rewards?
  • Q. Can you tell when I place my order how many visits I have made so far?
  • Q. What if I don't have my Relish membership barcode with me? Can you look me up on the system?
  • Q. Can I use my Relish membership in any Grill'd restaurant?
  • Q. Can I give my Relish barcode to friends or family?
  • Q. Can I be a member without downloading the App?
  • Q. What is the difference between member and promotional barcodes?
  • Q. What if I scan both, the member and the promotional barcode in one transaction?
  • Q. How do I sign up and does it cost anything?
  • Q. What details do you need from me to sign up?
  • Q. Can I sign up if I don't receive marketing communications?
  • Q. Do I get a membership card?
  • Q. How do I cancel my membership?
  • Q. Will my information be shared with anyone else/third parties?