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Burgers done good, careers done great.

We’re in the business of good burgers. Simple. But it takes a lot of good people to get the job done. Our staff are the faces (mouths) and hands behind our brand.

Want to join the team? Good. 

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Grill'd Values

The PLOT. We haven’t lost it yet. In fact, we’ve still got it. Here:


  • A positive energy & attitude every day
  • Personal drive & belief in each other will achieve greatness
  • We have an appetite for food quality & knowledge
  • We are empowered to deliver “wow moments” to create loyal, raving fans


  • We “make life easier” for our peers & teams
  • Plan ahead & set clear expectations of performance
  • We give our people meaningful opportunities for professional & personal growth
  • We always listen, communicate and connect with each other
  • Constructively challenge the ‘status quo’ using insights to maximise consumer and business opportunities


  • We deliver the Grill’d experience every single time
  • Responsible and accountable for performance as individuals and teams
  • Resilience & Perserverance are part of success
  • We care for & respect company property as our own


  • We are honest and transparent with each other & keep our commitments
  • We feel safe to speak up respectfully & inform others if things are not right
  • We always treat others as we want to be treated ourselves

Check out the latest vacancies

The Good Stuff

Yes. We are going to need you to step into your Grill'd career knowing there are endless opportunities in front of you.


You’ll run your restaurant as if it’s your own, knowing we’ve always got your back when you need support. Your leadership career at Grill’d starts with a 4 month onboarding program. You will also have regular meetings with your peers to share experiences and ideas, celebrate your wins and talk about your misses, because we all have them and learning from them is key. As a Grill’d Manager you will be an inspiring leader who will shape local youth and expose them to community involvement. 


Gain skills that will serve you for life, like how to give a customer a real WOW moment or make a better burger than your mates at your next BBQ! Learn all aspects of hospitality and get nationally recognised qualifications as part of your job. At Grill’d you will be part of a team that contributes to the greater good and makes a difference. You are the face and voice of Local Matters and it’s you that will spread the power and value of the Local Matters token. Unlike most hospitality businesses, Grill’d offers its members flexible rotating rosters to work around your life commitments.

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Support Office is super lean but you will make a massive impact. You won’t be just another cog in the wheel, your role will be broad and you will be exposed to experiences and be given ownership. You will drive initiatives to shape our restaurants and how we deliver the Grill’d experience, working directly with out teams on the ground to make them come to life. 


We’re famous for burgers done good. How do we do this? Having the best teams out there on the grill. Our staff don’t just make the burgers, they eat the burgers. And they like them. Our staff get the chance to work at some of the best music festivals around Australia, because we don’t like missing out on the fun. And of course, we don’t want the fun to miss out on a good burger. We also throw big deal parties, too.

Check out the latest vacancies

Partnership Program

The Grill'd Partnership Program is the real deal.

We’ve designed the program to give our best restaurant managers around Australia the chance to purchase an ownership stake in a restaurant, and thus directly be rewarded for the performance of the restaurant over a three year period.

Grill'd Partnership Program restaurant managers will receive:

  1. A share of restaurant EBITDA
  2. The opportunity to sell back their 'ownership stake' at a premium at the end of the three year period
  3. They will still receive a Restaurant Manager salary from the business and are eligible for the bonus program

In essence, the Grill'd Partnership Program enables our best Restaurant Managers to 'own' a slice of the pie at their restaurant while still enjoying a Restaurant Manager salary and bonus.

For more information on the GP Program, please email [email protected]

About Simon Portrait

A message from Simon

"I could not have started the business without help from others. 

We recognise that there are high performers in our business who cannot access the $500,000 plus to be a Grill’d franchisee upfront. Ideally this program, which I believe is completely unique, helps great people towards their career and life goals. 

I do not expect this program to suit everyone, there is an upfront capital requirement, some risk and significant time involved to become a true business owner. 

I do believe though that this program strongly aligns to our Grill’d values and strategy.  It feels right and makes me feel proud to be helping the next generation of business owners."

Simon Crowe, Grill'd Founder