Love Our Buns

​A burger isn’t a burger without a decent bun. And since we specialise in burgers we also specialise in bread.

Our buns come from signature recipes, designed to enhance the flavour of our fresh ingredients and juicy patties. Our Panini and Traditional buns are made with real ingredients the old fashioned way, without taking shortcuts or using bread improvers or artificial ingredients.

This process takes a bit longer, but it’s definitely worth it. The result is buns that taste amazing and are free from preservatives and refined sugar.

Fresh bread needs fast delivery so our buns are delivered to our restaurants fresh daily by local, family-run bakeries in each state.

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There are only simple ingredients in our traditional buns – flour, water, salt, oil, a little yeast and a little wholemeal. The traditional buns have living sourdough leaven as well. The simple addition of this leaven (or starter culture, some call it) means we don’t have to use preservatives and we can use less yeast whilst giving our buns a unique flavour.

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We only use flour, water, salt, oil and a little yeast in our panini buns. Our special ingredient though is our living sourdough leaven, which is now 10 years old and re-grown daily with flour and water.

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Low Carb SuperBun

We don’t just strive for low fat, low sugar everything at the expense of quality and flavour. We go for real foods with real flavour and believe nutrition is more than just a set of numbers – it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we’ve developed products like our Low Carb SuperBun, made from all natural quality ingredients including almond meal, free range eggs, coconut cream, tapioca and honey. Make your burger low carb on a Low Carb SuperBun. It’ll have less carbs than a single sushi roll! (excluding Veggie burgers).

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Gluten Free Bun

The ingredients in our gluten free bun are water, maize starch, rice flour, coconut cream, canola oil, coconut sugar, psyllium husk, iodized salt, yeast, citrify and sesame seeds.

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Super Sliders

Our Super Sliders use mini panini buns so only flour, water, salt, oil and a little yeast here.