To date we've given back $6 million to over 30,000 local community groups, organisations and projects.

Celebrating 10 years of Local Matters

We've got a lot of thanks to pay. About 6 million dollars’ worth to be exact. Because you believed in a little idea we had way back in 2011, Local Matters lives on and it lives strong.

See your impact

Your vote of support goes far

Your votes give a hand up to local community groups so they can keep doing what they love, 
and that’s what really counts.

How it works

You probably know the drill. Order up and you'll get a token to vote in-restaurant or online. Get to know the local groups in your community and use your token to vote for their cause.

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Every burger equals a vote. You’ll get a token to vote with in-restaurant or when you order online.

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Place your vote. At the end of the month the jar with the most tokens receives $300, the 2nd and 3rd are given $100 each.

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Your votes and involvement helps us hand back over $70,000 a month to local communities.

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A little idea that grew big

Before we turned Local Matters into a “thing” we were already jumping in to run burger BBQ’s at primary school fetes, sponsoring footy clubs and handing over vouchers for school raffles. At the time we just wanted a way to give back more to our community supporters and to get our favourite guests (you) in on it too.

We've given back over $6 MILLION to local communities

$120,000 to help tackle homelessness

$800,000 to health and disability groups

$650,000 to educational services

And we've supported over 30,000 community groups, organisations & projects

9,600+ local sports groups

4,100+ youth organisations

4,400+ educational services

Stories that matter


Star on a jar or give your vote of support for the groups that do. Are you ready to jump into our local lovin', Local Matters community? We've got options for you.

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Join Relish, our membership with heart, and be the first to know what community groups your local is supporting each month.

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If you're a local community group and close to Grill’d, we've got a jar waiting for you.

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Vote for a local group by dropping your token into their jar or voting online.

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