To date we've given back $7.5 million to over 30,000 local community groups, organisations and projects.

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What’s Local Matters?

It’s our way of giving back to all the local communities Grill’d is part of, right around Australia.

Every month, each restaurant splits $500 between three groups doing amazing work in the community - and that’s where YOUR vote counts.

How does it work?

Easy! Order at Grill’d in-restaurant or online, get a token, check out the groups for that month and vote for the cause close to your heart.

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1 burger = 1 vote. You get vote tokens when you order in-restaurant or online.

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Vote! At the end of the month the jar with the most tokens gets $300, and the other two each get $100.

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Know that you’re part of helping us give over $80,000 a month to community groups around Australia.

Lovin’ the Locals

We're all about giving back to the communities that have made the Grill'd dream possible. Local is at the heart of what we do every day.

We've given back over $7.5 MILLION to local communities

$120,000 to help tackle homelessness

$800,000 to health and disability groups

$650,000 to educational services

And we've supported over 30,000 community groups, organisations & projects

9,600+ local sports groups

4,100+ youth organisations

4,400+ educational services

Stories that matter


Spreading the love to our local communities matters to us. This is why we launched Local Matters in 2011 a way to give back. We use what we have our jars and your token votes to support causes and groups in our communities. See our previous Local Matters national partnerships below:


In December 2020 our Local Matters Jars nationally were dedicated to three leading mental health support organisations

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In October 2021 our jars supported organisations that tackle environmental issues head on and lend a hand to protecting Australia's air, land and sea

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In June 2022 our Local Matters across the country were dedicated to the same three groups who support the homeless.

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