We temporarily traded in our pastures for garden beds at 2 of our restaurants by turning them into the totally vegetarian Impossibly Grill’d. And now, we’ve swapped them back to OG Grill’d restaurants.

We had a lot of fun going meat-free, and although we had many MF fans, we’ve swapped back to grilling all our OGs with heaps of intel on how we’ll build tastier, healthier meat-free burgers in the future.


Impossibly Grill’d may be over but we’re still slingin’ 2 for 1 plant-based burgers every MF Monday.

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What started off as a seedling of hope has since sprouted into something so much more. From making friends with falafels to checking out chickpeas, we’ve searched far and wide to ensure that we serve you, our lil’ veggie-mites, the best plant-based alternatives on the market.

Check out how our plant-based journey led us to going 100% vegetarian in two of our restaurants.

2014 - Field of Dreams

If you know, you know, and boy do we know. We’ve never stopped copping heat for taking this veggie champion off the grill. It was, as we’ve been told, the GOAT, being blessed with the natural goodness of a grilled field mushroom, roasted peppers and basil pesto, among other favourites.

2016 - Veggie Vitality

If Field of Dreams had a sidekick it would be the Veggie Vitality. The pattie was purple, the taste was pineapple-y and wow was it a greens pleaser. We paired the super powerful pattie (made of beetroot, sweet potato, spinach and quinoa) with a grilled pineapple slice and the fans just, arrived.

2018 - The Amazing Vegan Cheeseburger

Maybe calling it “amazing” was a little optimistic, but we set out with good intentions when we launched our pea-protein vegan pattie in 2018. It was our first venture in grilling meaty, meat-less meat and, well, let’s just say we got better.

2018 - Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0

Quitting isn’t in our nature, so we went back to the drawing board with our “Amazing Vegan Cheeseburger”. We improved the pea-protein pattie but kept the classic combo of Dijon mustard, vegan mayo and tomato sauce, the pickles, onion and vegan cheese. This time, we got a better score.

2019 - Beyond

When we introduced Beyond’s meaty-meat-less patties in 2019 (made with pea, mung and fava beans) we straight away levelled up our flexitarian burger game. With this partnership we stopped traffic, made headlines and lead the way for inclusive burgers made with meat tasting, plant-based meat.

2021 - Fable

We partnered with the innovators at Fable to get their meaty, Shiitake mushroom patties on our menu. Then we asked famed chef Heston Blumenthal to remix it, creating the Fable Spicy Cheeseburger that reached ultra high notes of flavour we’d only ever dreamed of.



The Impossible Burgers we served at Impossibly Grill’d were juicy, meaty and satisfying. You can still find these in all our restaurants.


Captain crunch ain’t got nuthin’ on the tasty morsels we served at Impossibly Grill’d. They were packed with 100% plant-based protein.


Good chicken doesn’t have to cheep. The Chick’n at Impossibly Grill’d was juicy, packed full of flavour and didn’t cost the earth.


There was no Facon the bacon flavour at Impossibly Grill’d. Loads of our guests added a couple of slices to their burger and knew exactly what we meant.

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Who doesn't love a tasty MF? We sure do. Which is why we’re doing 2 for 1 on tasty, meat-free burgers every Monday for Relish Members.


*Meat Free Monday Terms & Conditions

Offer is valid from all Grill’d restaurants. Valid to Relish members who dine-in on Monday and order a plant-based burger. Offer is for one (1) free plant-based burger with the purchase of a plant-based burger. Offer is for one (1) free burger per Relish Member. Discount applies to the lowest priced item. Must present and scan Relish promotional Meat-free Monday barcode found in email, or in Grill’d App at the time of payment for dine-in orders. Offer will be honoured for takeaway in line with state dine-in restrictions. Order must be placed in restaurant for discount to apply. Offer not valid for takeaway in states without dine-in restrictions, online ordering, @table ordering or for delivery. Replica or forged versions of the barcode will not be accepted. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid for Mondays. Offer ends 11.59PM October 1st.