The Beyond Burger

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Even carnivores deserve a day off. When you're just not feeling meat, sink your teeth into something similar.

Plant-based burgers have held an important place on our menus since we first opened some 15 years ago. And as the diets of our burger-eaters have evolved, so too has our offering.

Introducing The Beyond Burger, a meat tasting, plant-based alternative for practising carnivores who need a day off.

If you’re a committed carnivore, there’s no need to end your meat-dependent relationship just because you checked out a chickpea. Our Beyond Burgers are for wholesome, meat-eating carnivores who need a break from their steak.

We sought out the experts at Beyond Meat to help us on our search for a perfectly meaty, plant-based pattie. The result is a four-strong line-up of our best loved burgers, made with a Beyond Meat pattie of pea protein and beetroot, free from soy, gluten and GMOs.

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They hold like a regular beef pattie, with a similar taste and texture and they’ll challenge what you think about meat-free.

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Many years in testing and many more in tasting, the chefs at Beyond Meat have cracked the code on meat-free meat. They’re satisfying the cravings of health-conscious carnivores while ticking boxes for sustainability as well. Beyond Meat patties require less water and energy during production and emit fewer greenhouse gasses.

Give yourself a beef-break and take a taste of sustainability.

Make any burger a Beyond Burger and ask to flip your pattie for $3.

Want it Vegan? Just ask.


The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kJ

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