Grill'd Eatons Hill


Eatons Hill sounds like a good place for eating a burger, on a hill.

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This month's featured community groups
Hills Organic Community Garden

Hills Organic Community Garden

We would use this donation to buy seeds and seedlings to plant in the community garden.
BridgIT Water Foundation

BridgIT Water Foundation

BridgIT Water Foundation's program and development objectives are to implement programs that provide a safe drinking water supply to address the watr challenges of some of the poorest, most marginalised people in rural areas in developing nations.
Albany Creek Joey Scouts

Albany Creek Joey Scouts

Our culturally diverse Scout group will be engaging a local Indigenous artist to paint a mural on our scout den featuring the South Pine River and our wonderful community. Donations will help us pay the artist for the work and paint supplies.
What's Happening

Our environmental efforts grow taller each year, and this year with the help of Greenfleet we're reaching tree-tops by bringing you Tree-Day Tuesday.

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