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Geetroit rock city. Located just around the corner from Kardinia Park, watch the cattery defeat all manner of opposition and then pop in for a celebratory burger done good.

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We love to give back to the local
communities we call home.
We get a stack of requests for support from different groups and organisations within the community. So that we could share the love and lend a hand... we created Local Matters.
This month's featured community groups
The type1 foundation

The type1 foundation

This donation will help to purchase hypo kits for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.
Kardinia Youth

Kardinia Youth

This donation will help to reduce the costs associated with summer camp, in the areas of food and accommodation. This camp is run by over 30 volunteers and aims to explore themes of personal identity, self-awareness and builds characteristics such as teamwork, resilience and cooperation.
The Institute of Music In Medicine

The Institute of Music In Medicine

Your donation will support a unique service in Geelong. It will support the continued offering of live prescriptively music for those facing life threatening illness
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