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We're back, baby! Grill'd Hawthorn is where it all began for us in 2004. And now our flagship restaurant has risen from the (activated charcoal) ashes to bring you burgers done good once again.

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We love to give back to the local
communities we call home.
We get a stack of requests for support from different groups and organisations within the community. So that we could share the love and lend a hand... we created Local Matters.
This month's featured community groups
Swinburne Student Union

Swinburne Student Union

We are an independent, student run organisation at Swinburne University. We offer a range of activities and services for the benefit of Swinburne students including welfare, advocacy and representation, and we run on the support of volunteers. We receive limited funding and this money would go towards services for students.
Swinburne University Basketball Club

Swinburne University Basketball Club

Swinburne University Basketball Club aim to promote physical activity through the sport of basketball. We aim to grow the sport throughout the university and the local community. With the support of the community, we will be able to supply our teams with new uniforms to play in. This way the team dynamic will truly be felt though the club.
Swinburne Netball Club

Swinburne Netball Club

We aim to connect people within the community through a shared passion for netball. Each year we are continuing to grow, and are focused on building positive environments for our members to develop friendships and stay active. Your donation will help us to save for new equipment.
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