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What do you get when you cross a pig and an electric guitar? Rockingham. But seriously, folks, our burgers are better than our jokes. Much better.

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We love to give back to the local
communities we call home.
We get a stack of requests for support from different groups and organisations within the community. So that we could share the love and lend a hand... we created Local Matters.
This month's featured community groups
Rockingham Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Rockingham Volunteer Fire & Rescue

This donation will help provide food and drinks to our volunteers on the ground fighting fires and helping the community.
Little Stars Playgroup Plus

Little Stars Playgroup Plus

This donation will be spent on adaptive and suitable play equipment for children with special needs.
Rockingham Police Rangers

Rockingham Police Rangers

We will use this donation to assist with funding a recreation camp for our cadets, helping them learn more skills around leadership and team work.
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One word "Perfection", the absolute best burgers I've ever had.
We attended your Rockingham store (my husbands first Grill'd experience ever) and really have to commend ALL of your staff who worked that day, everyone was so helpful we can't wait to come back again. Thank you so much!
I love your burgers more than life itself like legit they are the best can you please make a Tshirt and ill buy it

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